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When someone becomes your whole world and then they are no longer beside you holding your hand, your world does not revert to what it was before they came into your existence, it has been enhanced with infinite love and they are always there, just outside your periphery.

— John Morris

[ 6/24/55 - 6/21/2012 ]

Grief & Honor was created to help make your journey through loss a bit gentler.

All you need to do—when you feel ready or inspired—is simply watch a video. The order doesn't matter, but many have found that viewing the videos sequentially does help them keep track.


Most videos have an accompanying tool accessible on our tools page. Check out the tool, download it, and see what you can discover about your feelings, your loss, or your path towards healing.

We wish you peace.

Because we know how much our Grief & Honor program can help, we are now making it available to everyone, so feel free to share it.


If you find this useful, please consider donating to Pathfinders to help us continue our work.

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